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A group of white supremacists who want to segregate or annihilate America "the great melting pot" from being formed by different nationalities, cultures, and race's but are to cowardly to show their redneck faces by hiding them behind home made cut up sheets. They blame minorities for their faults or failures in life and are afraid to live in the now. Most do not speak proper English and if they do, they are usually a mayor or sheriff in a small hick town or marsh. When not in disguise, they have on john deer hats and wear cut off flannel shirts, wife beater tees, and dingy jeans. Beware of the ZZ top beards, mullet hairdo's, and a long piece of hair hanging on the nape of the neck referred to as a tail.
Cum on Billy, lets get that negro he's mo edecated than we are. "No Colords allowed" White Power!!! No gays allowed unless you're a member of the Klu Klux Klan. No one's a gonna sleep with my sista but me!!!
by Call It Like I See It July 05, 2007
the act of standing slightly to the side, arm bent with hand on hip, leg popped. Most often seen by girls in the early to mid 20's. Occasionally seen by 40-something real housewife wanna-be's.
That girl totally does the sorority girl pose in every picture.
by Call it like I see it November 07, 2013

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