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1. What happens when a seemingly "attractive" Black, Asian, Hispanic, or Arab girl suddenly becomes unattractive when placed right next to an attractive white girl.

2. What makes men of all races more competitive in sports, strive to workout, and improve their overall image with the hope of catching the attention of a white woman.

3. When a man from Asia, Africa, Arabia, or South America arrives at a Westernized country, sees a White Woman and forgets about asian, african, arabian, or south american women.

4. Why Westernized media is preferred over Non-Westernized media.

5. What makes non-white women purchase hair dye and colored eye contacts, and skin lightening products.

(Sad, but true.)
1. Yinglin (black hair, black eyes, flat nose) might seem hot but Tammy (white, slender nose, slight freckles, hazel eyes and red hair) is even hotter and thus is hit on by more men.

Shaniqua and Juana tried out for a local beauty pageant but went home defeated because the white women at the try outs put their looks to shame. They've become victims of the White Girl Effect.

2. Tiger Woods strives to perfect his golf and image so he can date white women.

3. Pedro arrived at the United States from Mexico, and Wailunga from Guam. Upon seeing their first blonde and redhead at the airport, they're no longer attracted to their women.

4 & 5. Why do non-western media (especially Japanese anime) depict Heroines as white? Why do non-White women put on brown, blonde, or red hair dye? 'Nuff said.
by Calc0nsrvative September 19, 2010

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