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2 definitions by CalamityJane

Besides the popular definition of a large bird, a Turkey, is a formerly FAT male, who still isn't thin, but passable and of some attractivness who runs into trees. He is also likely to treat girlfriends like friends, unless in need of some action. Most likely into film and music, in his sad attept to be talented.
That guy is such a Turkey. He ran into that tree, and it could have been avoided if he just hung out with his girlfriend tonight.
by CalamityJane December 11, 2006
A traitor, someone who has given up on the thing they are really good at.
Your best friend just stole your boyfriend, what a Deepika! or Your friend decided to change majors and ditch you and the "Team" for another major..what a Deepika!
by CalamityJane December 11, 2006