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A semiautomatic pistol which resembles a Glock, but is made in Croatia and sold in the United States by Springfield Armory. Considered to be one of the best affordable handguns sold in the United States due to its interlocking passive safeties and light, durable polymer frame. Most commonly sold in nine millimeter, 40 caliber (the forty) and 45 caliber.
"three assholes came out of the car and started ragging on me, but when I showed my XD they went thataway... "
by Cajun Scientist December 22, 2009
US Marine Corps slang for the vertical take-off and landing aircraft V-22 Osprey
"Yeah, we had to jump into a hot AO... did it out the ass of a thunderchicken... bitchin."
by Cajun Scientist June 21, 2009
The best James Bond film ever made. Features a underwater speargun and knife fight between a bunch of US Navy frogmen and the bad guys in SCUBA gear. Begins well, too, with a one of the bad guys nerve gassing the other people on a nuclear bomber so the eeeevil genius can swipe an H-bomb.
I watched Thunderball on the late show last night... Sean Connery not a senile old fart... amazing.
by Cajun Scientist June 22, 2009
Drugs issued by the military to enable soldiers and pilots to remain awake for extended periods (>24 hours). Includes new stimulants such as modafinil (ProVigil) as well as the traditional sympathomimetic amines (the amphetamines and their derivatives).
"Had to go to the medic and draw some go-pills 'cause we're doin' CONOPS all night into the morning, and no time for a combat nap."
by Cajun Scientist June 23, 2009
Pronounced "fit-putain" (roughly)

Literally "son of a whore," closer to "son of a bitch" in Cajun French. Means what you'd expect it to mean.
"Look, you little fils-putain, you keyed my car and your ass is mine!"
by Cajun Scientist March 04, 2010
1) dancing with someone

2) having sex with someone

3) gaining comprehension of something
1) "...saw Mark getting jiggy with Pamela just now on the dance floor"

2) "...saw Mark getting jiggy with Pamela just now in the back seat of his 'stang"

3) "...getting jiggy with the idea that Mark and Pamela are "together" "
by Cajun Scientist October 16, 2010
(1) CONtinuous OPerationS - military operations which require operators to remain alert for more than twenty-four hours; often requires the use of ProVigil or other stimulants (go-pills) to enable optimum function of operators throughout the span of the operation.

(2) CONcept of OPerationS - the description of how and why any project is undertaken.
(1) "pulling CONOPS sucks after a while... you get the red-eye, the go-pills screw with your appetite... be glad when I rotate back to the world.... "

(2) "The CONOPS on this deal is very clear - highly discrete, no chance of mission creep."
by Cajun Scientist June 23, 2009
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