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Noun, derived from douche bag.

A Eurodouche is a European douche bag, one who believes himself or herself superior to others (mainly Americans) because he or she is European. One who exhibits an inflated sense of self because of European birth, culture, or current residence.

In America, the Eurodouche can typically be found in airports, about to return to Europe. He or she will be speaking a language other than English, mocking American food, people, or customs, and believing (naively) that no one else around him can understand. He or she will also be found in large American cities and universities.

The Eurodouche is often unaware that (some) Americans may have superior culture and knowledge, in extreme cases knowing more about the Eurodouche's country of origin or speaking the Eurodouche's mother tongue better than he or she.
Bobby: "Hey, look at that pretentious French guy over there, totally mocking the Americans around him. If he hates our country so much, why does he come to vacation and study here? Look at how he is dressed, jeans way too tight, ripped as if it were still the 80's, and with a T-shirt with silly English slang on it spelled incorrectly--so not cool."

Tommy: "Yeah, that guy is a total Eurodouche. Let's go speak to him in French. He doesn't realize that everyone in our group is fluent in French."
by Cafone January 04, 2011
Noun, calqued on the masculine douche bag.

The female equivalent of a douche bag. A woman with an overinflated sense of self worth, usually accompanied by a deficiency of intelligence. May also be compounded by excessive negligence towards or ill treatment of others. A douche hag does not typically realize there are others close by of equal or indeed superior intelligence and culture. She often lacks a sense of irony, particularly in the sense that her negative comments about others could be apt descriptors of herself.
Tommy: "Look at that girl dominating the conversation and trying to act cool. She has been talking for nearly 30 minutes, and seems incapable of inquiring what others think. She keeps talking about what she likes, what she thinks, acting as if she were the arbiter of taste or culture."

Bobby: "Ugh, does she think she is the first to discover NPR or continental philosophy? Who even thinks those things are cool?"

Tommy: "Yeah, she is a total douche hag."
by Cafone December 18, 2010

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