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Coons Retards Idiots and Pickaninnies. The Crips are an African tribe that formed in Compton, California in the 1960s after the Kill Whitey Black Panthers was disbanded. The Crips mainly kill other niggers over shirt colors, dick size or drug deals gone bad.
The Crips killed more niggers last month than the Ku Klux Klan did in it's entire history.
by C_H_I October 21, 2006
A county in Tennessee that is 70% nigger has the second highest crime rate in the USA, lots of gangs, lots of urban decay like Detroit and anti-White corrupt politicians. Home of the city of Memphis. Most of Shelby County is niggerfuxated and it's getting worse every year.
I'm moving out of Shelby County because I'm getting sick of this nigger crime and these ever increasing property taxes.
by C_H_I October 06, 2006
The Ku Klux Klan, a White civil rights group that protected the rights of Whites from rioting, rapist, then Republican niggers.
If it wasn't for the KKK the USA would be a shithole like Africa.
by C_H_I October 06, 2006
Antiamerican Criminal Lawyers Union. A gang of communist lawyers dedicated to helping criminals destroy this country in the name of "liberty"
The ACLU protects robbers, murders, child rapists and terrorists. The ACLU also wants illegal aliens to vote. The ACLU should be deported to Iran.
by C_H_I October 06, 2006
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