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2 definitions by CTSR

To suddenly stop responding while in an instant message conversation with someone. Is used best when incorporated into existing sentences.

To qualify for an official Rog, there must be at least 5 minutes of silence from one party. To prevent a Rog, one can simply say 'brb'.
Rhett (8:30): Haha yeah.
Matt (8:31): Did you see The O.C. last night?
Matt (8:36): Well?
Matt (8:38): omg rog.
Matt (8:44): Did you read ROGer ebert's review in the paper this morning?
Matt (8:50): Ghost ROG: The way of the samurai

by CTSR December 04, 2005
1. The fine power at the bottom of a bag of marijuana. Named for it's ability to be 'scooped up' by a bong-bowl.
1. J: "Bro, you wanna smoke a bowl?"
M: "Two scoops!"
J: "Shoot!"
by CTSR November 24, 2005