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The tastiest of manged monkeys. No other manged monkey compares to the mangeus monkeus el brinias. Please see manged monkey
After his cigar and brandy, he yelled bring me my brina's manged monkey.
by CT January 01, 2005
1:to get ready to fight
2:to become famous
1: oh he said that well itz ON
2:he works for def jam and he's gunna get me ON
by CT August 11, 2004
Tight ass clothing store, with very comfortable causal clothing. Meant only for all rich and preppy minded people alike. People who can't wear it, or afford it, wish they could.
That poor boy is trippin if he thinks he can pull of Abercrombie.
by CT February 10, 2005
What u say when you're getting annoyed by a noob.
Noob: How do you shoot?
Experienced Gamer: FFS!!!
by CT August 10, 2004
Back during my younger days, in NAM. Whenever I got some ass, I called it PWNED. Meaning Pussy-oWNED.
I PWNED that mamasans ass last night.
by CT September 23, 2004
The loud, cracking noise made when you foon a spork and spork a foon in rapid succession.
I stockpile sporks just to make them spack.
by CT November 30, 2003
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