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really good. a superlative, sick, awesome
Micah is real good at basketball.
Yeah, he's dirty.
by CT April 06, 2003
A person who spends countless hours performing repetitive tasks while high on amphetamines or methamphetamines. Usually they hide during the day, away from the public because of the schizophrenic state and horrible complexion caused by days of sleep deprivation and not eating.
Look at that tweeker, his face is covered with scabs because he picked at his skin for hours without even thinking about what he was doing.
by CT August 22, 2003
Annoying commercials where the people selling stuff send subliminal messages, often by reapeting the same thing over and over, or shouting really loud.
Set it, then forget it!
by CT August 10, 2004
A sound, resembling that made by a chicken, which is usually made when one is having trouble defecating.
by Ct June 03, 2003
a bottom feeder.

one who attaches themselves to other peoples environment as to be a part of it, or "in the know".
This was a pretty hot spot until this pleco started coming around.
by CT January 29, 2004
an unattractive person who constantly hollers at you.

one that thinks they are attractive but are actually quite hard on the eyes.
I was really wasted last night and woke up next to a nervous look.
by CT January 29, 2004
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