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quite the predicament, where objective 1 cannot be obtained without the completion of objective 2, which cannot be obtained without objective 1, because of a set of often incoherent rules or laws
a catch 22:

what would happen if you went back in time to kill your grandfather?

if you were to do so, logic would state that you would not exist to go back in time and kill your grandfather, therefore you would exist because you would not be able to kill him, however you would exist only to kill your grandfather, in which case you would not exist
#catch-22 #conundrum #predicament #joseph heller #book
by CSS December 21, 2005
A midget trapped in a very small space.
Tom Thumb was trapped in a cardboard box, therefore, he is a squeemlet.
by CSS May 09, 2003
A New York sports fan
The stupid sniget went to the Mets game.
by CSS May 14, 2003
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