1 definition by CRunK-MBz

the shortend term for Moo's Bitches 4 Lyf
created apon a 16th birthday celebration of the one called ralph. if u are called lucy or kassie u are awesome. attire includes leather churchlands school jacket, long pleated skirt, to join one must b totally and utterly awes and must "get around".
Shopkeeper:that will be $10 thanks
Mb4L: um have u not seen ma jacket bitch?
Shopkeeker:Whoa this wigga is a MB4L, fuck man leave us alone take anything u want, ur coolness is hurting my eyes......not the faceee!!!!!!!!!
MB4L: hey i only wanted a pack of condoms (strawberry flavoured) pls
by CRunK-MBz November 12, 2009

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