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A Muzza is a young male Wog (European) usually 13-21 but don’t see a problem with being one into there 30’s. A Wog such as the Southern or Eastern Europe; Greeks, Italians, Balkans, Slavics, Maltese ect. Or the West Asian such as Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, Iranian etc. They are usually born, but defiantly live and were raised in Melbourne.

Fashion: A Muzza wears the following clothing; Champion, Adidas, Kappa ect. For every day life, in-fact they’ll even rock up to work in it. Going out fashion upgrades to; Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, P.O. Box ect. They were tucker caps so tiped back that the slightes breeze might blow it away. But to make sure they don’t wreck their hair the caps sit on top of their hair (and away from the fringe) held in place with a clip. Bum Bags are a must for keeping several phones all on a different provider to get the most out of each hour of the day. Also to hold change ready incase they pass a maccas.

Hang Outs: Most Muzzas find it cool to hang at Bell St Maccas, Noble Maccas, any 24-Hr fast food joint, Lygon St, and of coarse, the place guaranteed were you’ll find the most Muztek of Muzzas, Chapel St in South Yarra. They find it the best thing in the world to do Chap Laps which involves going up and down doing continues laps on Chapel St every Friday and Saturday night.

Cars: Holden VL Berlinas to Calays, usually worked by Rajab or Bresciani Racing. Most comon colour includes Canary Yellow on BT1s dumped on 15” Interceptors. 5Lt VN’s, VQ Statesmen, R33 Skylines ect. The VL will most likely have a dose pipe ready to go off every time they pass a Maria, which is the girl version of a Muzza.

A night on Chaps usually ends with a Souvlaki from NSB on Lygon St, or of course, the first 24-Hr Maccas they pass.

Language: Almost every sentence a Muzza says will include several of the following words; Uleh, Re, Bro, Lan, Scarn-On. Uleh; Lebanese for Brother/Mate. Re; pronounced Ah-re, more common with the Greeks or any Wog of Non-Lebo Background, meaning some as Uleh. Lan; pronounced Lun, more common with the West Asian Wogs, meaning man. Scarn-On, wog for what’s going on/what’s up.

Muzzas are often high school dropouts currently doing apprenticeships, with every cent they earn going towards their cars (mostly on tires and petrol), and they end up wondering why there doing just as good as all their bros who went to uni.
Muzza 1: Ey re scarn-on?
Muzza 2: Sup lan whats good? What you doing?
Muzza 1: Nm re just got the VL back from Rajab bro come do some chap laps 2nite re!
Muzza 2: I can't bro taken my Maria out clubbing 2nite re. Maybe 2moro night lan.
by CRZYBT1 November 12, 2006

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