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Carson, California

A city with no pity ;
- MAIN POPULATION; Filipinos, any other typpa Asian, Samoans, Mexicans, Niggahs.
- Overlooked because; it's right next to Los Angeles, Long Beach, Torrance, and other high-end places .
- YOU KNOW YOU'RE THERE; when you see Filipinos walking the streets with their saggy ass pants and hypebeasty clothes. When most of the people are under 5' feet. When you see guys wearing lanyards with a shit load of keys and think, where the hell do those lead to?
- YOU KNOW YOU LIVE THERE; if you went to Carson St. Elementary, Catskill, Stephen White, Caroldale, CHS, Van Deene, Meyler, Carnegie. if you wear clothes from LODED. if you're simply a chill ass niggah enjoying life. if you have a tumblr/myspace/twitter that reps. If Del Amo is the G-Spot of your weekends. If Urban Outfitters / Forever 21 / H&M are practically where you live. If you listen to AJ Rafael, Andrew Garcia, Cathy Nguyen, Traphik. If you love Nike SB's or Nikes in general. If you chill at Calas, Veterans, Carson Park, or Dolphin. If you've ever swam at Scott / Carson / Dominguez pool. If you've walked to Jollibo and Seafood city after school. If you've ever been to Filipino Independence day. If you know where to get some good ass weed. If the parties are fkcn hyphy.
This city is ignored, but it's the fucking shit.
People from ghetto- ass neighborhoods think we rake it in, but we're just sicker than your average.
Person 1: Ayeee, where's yo crib posted, hawmie?
Person 2: Compton. You?
Person 1: Carson, dawg.
Person 2: Maan, people there are loaded.

Person 1: Suup dog.

Person 2: Man, I live in Torrance. Carson is the fkcn ghetto.
#carson #california #torrance #compton #forrest whitaker
by CRSNTOO$TRONG April 23, 2010
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