1 definition by CRNoel2011

The definition of freshmen is:

Females- a stupid skank bitch who dumps an upperclassmen for no fucking reason, the term freshmen can be used to someone of any age such as 1, 48, or even 99 years of age

Males- a dumbass cunt nugget who thinks he's the bomb, or any guy who does stuff just to be cool, although he is a complete fucking retarded cock browny. again this can be used for a guy of any age, ranging from age 4 to 10984

between two friends
(guy1) "dude my girlfriend dumped me"

(guy2) "dude she's a fucking freshmen"

(guy1) "no she's a junior"

(guy2) "no you havent heard? there's a new definition, yeah it means anybody who dumps their special someone for no reason!"
by CRNoel2011 November 15, 2009

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