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A rather affectionate term used to describe the act and capability of the anus to literally "hug" or embrace in a loving matter any type of cylindric object placed next or in front of the rectal arms.
1. I saw Rogelio giving sphincter hugs to Charlie on my way to the toilet.

2. I don't want to complicate things more, so I just think we should just stay with the sphincter hugs and leave it at that...

3. Man, Marcos gives the tightest bear hugs.

4. Martha surprised me with the sweetest "hug" this morning.
by CRICACHINA June 27, 2009
Also Saoko, Sahoco or the North Vietnamese, Sahokoui, is puertorrican for pussy cum, or femejac as most downloaded clips would abbreviate it. It was popularized in the late 90's by retarded puertorrican rappers, and most of their fans still don't know what it means. (see below)
Ese pendejo de seguro le puso esa mierda de Saoco a su mai.
by CRICACHINA June 29, 2009
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