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3 definitions by CPO BOATS

Much like an "ambulance chaser" The shit bags that read the Obituaty's to make a nickel!
DUDE, I've been slamed with "we can help you in your time of need" freak'n snail mail and email's. Only from douche bags that want to make a profit because of your loss from the Fuck'n probate add in the classified's of the local News Paper. I THINK THEY ARE "HEARSE CHASER'S'.
by CPO BOATS March 21, 2010
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When you have the gift of uncontrollabe humor. It just comes and you say it out loud no matter who cares.
Where do you come up with that funny shit?? I don't have a clue, I guess it is from my Pop. It just comes to me and without thinking I blert it out... It's got me in trouble more then once before. I think it must be a form of comidic turrets.
by CPO BOATS March 08, 2010
5 2
"Typing Under The Influence"
When I checked my email after dinner and drinks. Noticing another retarded customer request. I retuned the email on the spot, letting them know how stupid the question was.

The next morning I charged myself with T.U.I.
by CPO BOATS September 20, 2009
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