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Much like an "ambulance chaser" The shit bags that read the Obituaty's to make a nickel!
DUDE, I've been slamed with "we can help you in your time of need" freak'n snail mail and email's. Only from douche bags that want to make a profit because of your loss from the Fuck'n probate add in the classified's of the local News Paper. I THINK THEY ARE "HEARSE CHASER'S'.
by CPO BOATS March 21, 2010
When you have the gift of uncontrollabe humor. It just comes and you say it out loud no matter who cares.
Where do you come up with that funny shit?? I don't have a clue, I guess it is from my Pop. It just comes to me and without thinking I blert it out... It's got me in trouble more then once before. I think it must be a form of comidic turrets.
by CPO BOATS March 08, 2010
"SNACHCAR" Definiton, Women that are huge NASCAR fans.
"Dude! my girl friend is planted in front of the TV every Sunday for 4 hours." Her and her girlfriends are true SNACHCAR Fans!
by CPO BOATS July 24, 2014
"Typing Under The Influence"
When I checked my email after dinner and drinks. Noticing another retarded customer request. I retuned the email on the spot, letting them know how stupid the question was.

The next morning I charged myself with T.U.I.
by CPO BOATS September 20, 2009

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