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An evil and grotesque creature. Usually spawned out side the gates of hell, right where the great satan can watch the embryonic Leinas manifest, allowing terror and hatred to spread throught the poor, unprotected male population.

She feeds with the lure of so-called "boob". She draws an unsespecting male in and proceeds to toy with his already weakend heart. A unique gland is located in what was its brain cavity, and excretes a horomone that allows the already fearsome predator to consume the victims soul. The soul is then transverted into energy and used to enlarge her "boob" power. Henceforth luring more unsespecting male (and occasionally female, it really doesnt care) prey.
Guy 1: Dude that chick sure is a bitch... she has nice boobs though...
Guy 2: Yeah, I heard it's a leina.
Guy 1: Ahhh... that explains a lot...
by COWER FROM THE LEINAS!!! October 12, 2010
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