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eve 6 is an awesome band who are not sellouts
eve 6 is a kick ass band !!!!! !!!!!
by COTT PETERSON February 27, 2005
when you take a shit and it comes out like little plops
dude last night i ate chinese food and this morning i had poop peanuts
by COTT PETERSON March 05, 2005
1.a person usually white who thinks hes a ganster but hes not and lives in a rich suburb or rural area.
2. A fake gangsta
There are many fangstas in hauppauge
by COTT PETERSON February 27, 2005
the act of cruising in an expensive car until you come to a truck stop, leaving your car, and meeting one driver. you then proceed to lombardi slap him until he cries from the pain. that hick bitch deserves to be slapped.
last night i was cruisin' and i saw some guy was giving a truckster papa to some redneck...it was hilarious!
by COTT PETERSON March 02, 2005
a form of hazing. the middle and index finger off both hands is inserted into ones anus. they are then twisted so they hook on to the inner walls of the anus.
if you can slap your own ass while doing this it is called a sfincter spank
Now thats a sick bastard*
by Cott Peterson March 10, 2005
1. Sam ( brother of Zach )
2. The slave who comes around with a waste basket picking up used tissues. These tissues may contain snot or shit. He then takes theese tissues to his room where he places them on massive shrine. He sometimes scrapes off the the shit and mixes it with ostrich milk and injects it into his anus.
Now thats a sick bastard!!!
by COTT PETERSON March 05, 2005
1. adj. clueless
2. n. one who teaches imaginary ideas
3. n. the only teaching position open to past special ed. students
by COTT PETERSON February 26, 2005
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