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2 definitions by CONQUISTADORmv

Biggest dip-shit to ever live. This is mainly because of the fact that he somehow managed to get the most beautiful girl in the world.
Guy: "Hey, Russel Brand is on TV."

Guy 2: "I hate him."

Guy: "Well, at least he's funny!"

Guy 2: "BS, this guy can't be funny for his life."

Guy: "I guess you're right."
by CONQUISTADORmv December 27, 2011
The most beautiful woman to walk the planet. Although she lacks talent she makes up for it in personality and looks.
Guy: "Look! Katy Perry's on SNL!"

Guy 2: "I hope she doesn't sing."

Guy: "Who cares?! She's Beautiful!"
by CONQUISTADORmv December 27, 2011