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jsut some random twitchy word jj would say like drrr
jj: zibbi zibbah!!
you: STFU JEW!
jj: drrr!!!!!!
by cockblock May 02, 2004
Running a two-man train on a woman.
Why don't you and Paul just cut all this shit and run the old Peruvian Handcart on her?
by Cockblock September 15, 2012
nipples, when painted silver with a silver permanant marker
1:lets get some metallic tites for the swim meet guys!
2: METALLIC TITES!!!!!!!!!
1:i dont want to work i jsut wana bang on boobies
2:you horny fuck! drrr zibbi-zibbah
by cockblock July 24, 2004
something jj would say, click jj to see why he says it
you:i feel so smart around him
jj:DRRRRRRRRRR! i dont no im retarded!i dont feel good dude im tired and i wana go home
you: ok im gonna go over here
jj: hey man wait up for me! but im tired im gonna go home for a bit.
you: so you have a tiny rock hard boner and you wana go get one off???
jj: DRRRRRRRR shut up dude, im tired, and your pissin me off!DRRRRRRRRR!
by cockblock May 02, 2004
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