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1: The individual right of authors and inventors to exclusively control creations for a time authorized in the 1787 constitution though the term copyright was not used in the Constitution.

2. The statutory ritual or rite said to be authorized by the copyright Act of 1790 to allow purchasing of the right to exclusively choose publishers for a time. This definition was used to subvert the rights of authors in the United States in 1790 but protected the rights of authors in England in 1711.

3. The fundamental right to control creations recognized in Roe v Wade will be first recognized in the United States in Neeley v FCC, et al, (5:12-cv-5074).
1. Copyright was a new term used in print in 1711 in England that was not used in the 1787 Constitution though corporate sponsorship was regulated soon thereafter by the Copyright Act of 1790.

2. Copies of artwork are not allowed in violation of the rules established in the ritual that approximates a right. e.g. copyrite

3. The right to create copies of creation without harming another's rights will finally become copyright instead of copyrite.
by CN Foundation August 19, 2012

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