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a four string instrument commonly tuned to EADG and is similar to the guitar but has a lower pitch. The bass is usually used for rhythm and to give texture to the music. A lot of idiot guitarists say bass is not needed but that is untrue. I'm a guitarist and sometimes I do wish I picked the bass (no pun intended). Some legendary bassists include John Entwhistle, John Paul Jones, Charles Mingus, Roger Waters, and Krist Noveselic.
Listen to some jazz bass. It will blow your mind.
by CMAL14 April 03, 2010
Someone that is interested in smoking marijuana but hasn't had the chance to yet. They often want to smoke because they're friends are doing it, they're bored, they like stoner music, or they just want to try it. Most of the time they will gladly be accepted into the smoking circle
friend: hey man are you a stoner?
me: nah im only a rookie stoner
friend: oh do you want to come smoke with my friends and I
me: sure
by CMAL14 September 09, 2009

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