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The motion of clapping one's hands, snapping the fingers and pointing with both hands in the direction of someone cool. The latter two actions are usually combined.
Person A: Marco's UNSTOPPABLE today.
Person B: Yeah. I just yeunged him!
by CM5k August 25, 2006
1. The most fierce, evil and greatest metal band that ever existed!!!! Derives its name from the time at which they became a band. Led by David Ramsay, who provides lead vocals, as well as lead and rhythm guitar. Also in the band are John O'Dwyer, Darcey McDougall and Baker.

2. The nightly celebration of the aforementioned band. The celebration usually occurs at midnight, but is also celebrated at certain intervals after midnight as well.
1. Person A: Have you heard of Midnight Assault?
Person B: OF COURSE! Who HASN'T heard of Midnight Assault?

by CM5k December 09, 2006
The Newfoundland equivalent of any affirmative word, such as yes or yeah. Popularized by Gazeebow Unit, it has now become frequently used amongst all Canadians.
Chicka chicka YEEEISSSSSS!
by CM5k October 06, 2007

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