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a laxative drink mixed with anti-acid and other flavoring used to free or unstick the bowels after consuming opiates. Use dates back to the China opium days
Nirvana made a song about pennyroyal tea cuz its useful for when u get so bloated from shooting up/drinking codeine syrup/ eating any assorted "-codone" pills that u need to shit before u can healthily consume more opiates.
by CLoudyCLick October 24, 2010
The remittance of a smoked cigarette. The filter and white paper below the line unless you fiend and smoke it to the filter
Yuck that's gross, Davey's yard is full of cigarette butts that people threw off the porch
by CloudyClick February 25, 2011
The feeling of loving everything around you while high stepping from the effects of pcp laced marijuana.
25 lighters on my dresser, yessir. I gots to get paid. "Love it, man.
by CLoudyCLiCk May 09, 2010

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