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The inexplicable phenomenon that occurs to a girl's body if she consumes Utz chips at a young age, this being that they devlop into voluptuous teenage girls with an hour glass figure and an amazing ass. This most often occurs to hood rats in the Bronx, Brooklyn areas of New York.
She's going straight to the potato chip section, that's an Utz ass in the making!
by clopez December 13, 2007
A small tip given to an unattractive stripper so that she will walk away and stop obscuring your view of the more attractive dancers.
Chris: That she-hulk dancer is staring right at us!
Laurence: Give her some Go away money so we can see Princess Leah dance again.
by CLopez April 10, 2008
Although a rare occurance, the Waking Hangover occurs when one consumes several alcoholic beverages, often a mixture of beer, alcohol, and wine, in a short time in order to become intoxicated quickly, then staying awake long enough to sober up. Once sober, said person may suffer from normal hangover symptoms including nausea and headaches.
Guy 1: I downed two Jack and Cokes, three Sam Adams and a couple shots of Jose before I went to dinner with my girlfriends family.
Guy 2: How'd that go?!
Guy 1: Don't know, I ended up getting a Waking Hangover and left early.
by CLopez July 21, 2008
The term used to refer to a woman who has several sexual partners in succession, without cleaning out her vagina so that all the partners' sperm mixes. Derived from the idea of "everyone jumping into the pool". Coined by Jonathan.
After the bar, a bunch of us are going to go visit a girl and jump into the "pussy pool"
by clopez November 17, 2007
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