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When a nerd tries to hit on someone out of his league and gets rejected. The nerd is therefore unable to woo the person he is hitting on. Frequently comes in the form of a disgusted facial expression or the person walking away from the nerd looking like they saw a ghost.

Named after the infamous 404 web page error that occurs when the page is unavailable.
Alex tried to offer the woman a beer but instead got a 404 - Unable to Woo when he approached her.
by CL_FlushEntity June 06, 2006
A rare species of mammal in Minnesota. Often found provoking fights on online forums she professes to hate yet can't seem to avoid going to. Often the creator of flame wars, other local mammals can't help themselves and feel compelled to antagonize. The whiney whiney feel sorry for me then plays the victim for pity which is where it derives its name.
Emma or bitchcactus is an example of a whiney whiney feel sorry for me.
by CL_FlushEntity June 05, 2006

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