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(noun): A southern euphemism for vagina, like "pocketbook." Also it is important not to air dry your pink turtleneck as it can cause it to mold up and grow yeast, so only pat it dry instead.

Credits: Selena L., Kristy C., Janice D., Kate P.
Girl 1: "Hey girl! I'm so itchy down there today!"

Girl 2: "Ah. You must have air dried your pink turtleneck again. Didn't anyone ever tell you air drying makes it mold and yeast up?"

Girl 2: "It's all in the patting I tell you!"

Girl 1: "Oh like this?" *pats her turtleneck vigorously*

Girl 2: "Yep. See you're a natural!"

Girl 1: "Wow I'm so good at this" *continues to rub feverently*

Girl 2: "Okay you can stop now."

Girl 1: "No I should keep practicing. You can help me if you'd like."
by CLYLPNY February 29, 2012

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