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A pet name for a lover or spouse
Bunnykins, lets kiss!
by Classified February 16, 2005
When a person freaks outs and their face turns red over petty shit. They may also display shaking and yelling along with a red face.
Sgt. West turned into big ugly there for a second because Mulla didn't cut em' loose.
by Classified March 13, 2005
United States Space Force; A Space Force that deals with orbital and outer space threats.

1Can launch nuclear weapons
2Can use tactical satellites
3Space Shuttles equiped with weapons
The USSF is a secretly formed Force which deals with Spacial threats.
by CLASSIFIED December 11, 2003
A new type of explosive, currently bieng tested by a joint US-Canadian military research team. The purpose of this new weapon of war is simple: The bombs are designed to look ad taste like actual chocolate, but are laced with a powerful instant-acting laxative that, as soon as the bar is ingested, causes the bowels to let loose with a torrent of disgustign fecal matter. the force generated by said fecal matter causes the intestines, as well as the rectum to fracture and be released with the fecal matter through the torn shreds of the rectum. however, the bars also include miniature time bombs that, as the target is ingesting the bomb,coat the throat of the target. these miniature time bombs are made of a new type of plastic explosive which is like a thin form of elastic. This plastic is designed to detonate after one miunute, ending the life of the target, and anyone else who came to see what was happening. the result is the ultimate weapon of war.
The military applications of this weapon are still bieng discussed at this time
by classified June 21, 2004
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