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To have somebody so scared of you they won't even step to you. This saying is accredited to the east side of Detroit. You may have also heard this on Crime Mobs CD.
This bitch was talking shit so I put the brakes on her because I would have beat her ass.
by CLASS/06 May 10, 2005
Detroit pistons
Someone who sits on the benches all day because he isn't good enough to actually play. CARMELLO IS BETTER
if you are on a basketball team but never get to play because youre such a failure at life-youre a darko
by CLASS/06 May 13, 2005
An excuse for a bunch of lonely people to run around in costumes and play with swords.They stupidly think that they have some type of force with them. They quit their jobs to line up for several days to watch some stupid movie that lasts for like 2 hours. Also see trekkies.
(Normal kid) So what do you want to do today?
(Weird kid) I have the force, I must put on make-up and a costume and parade around the street like a fool. Maybe one day I too can find out who my father is.
by class/06 June 08, 2005
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