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The opposite of your memory. A place in your mind that stores everything you've ever forgotten.
If you could somehow tap into your forgettory, you would be so smart! Like, immediately!
by CL Delicious March 08, 2005
noun: A horrible little pill that comes in 10 and 20 milligram doses. Doctors are starting to prescribe these in lieu of oxy's because of the increased difficulty of injection. If you do bang a roxy, prepare to get cotton sick.
Man, those stupid roxy's I shot an hour ago gave me cotton fever. Can I lie down on your couch and puke my insides out?
by CL Delicious March 05, 2005
National association for the advancement of white people, or in other words, what the entire friggin' united states has been for the past 400 years. Coined by idiots who don't realize that white people are still disproportionately wealthier in our society because of institutionalized racism that exists to this day.
Hey, I joined the NAAWP the other day because my SUV is two years old. I'm oppressed.
by CL Delicious March 05, 2005
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