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A variation of Downer.
A person that does things the hardest way possible. Dowers tend not to be able to speak properly, using sentences such as "You can't even speech well". Dowers will not let lame jokes die, no matter how much they wish it to die. Dowers generally support each other no matter how stupid they think the other Dower to be. Dowerness IS contagious. Do take care & avoid contact with Dowers at all times.
He's such a Dower! The poor bastard.....
by CK_x3 December 30, 2005
Fuzzing is caused by the lack of blood flow in a particular area thereby producing a vibrating sensation. Fuzzing is most common on the face and hands and may cause light-headiness. Common causes of Fuzzing may be alcohol, a weed-induced high or a rush of adrenaline. Fuzzing is a short-term sensation and will wear off over time -- make the most of it.
"Oh man, my face feels like it's fuzzing"

"haha I'm starting to fuzz now"

by CK_x3 January 08, 2006

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