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slightly obscure this one, but was nevertheless widely used for a while in central london. it means to chill, relax, often along with smoking weed. derived directly from cotch, its root is interesting... the mathematicians amongst you will know that hyp(cos) is written 'cosh', and pronounced 'cotch'. this is trigonometrically equivalent to one over hyp(tan), or '1/tanh', pronounced 'tanch'. most people are unaware of this - its nevertheless used widely.
lets go back to mine and one over tanch it down...
by CJC Corn November 25, 2004
not only a cook, but a derogatory word, derived from chief.

also an abbreviation of chief, to steal, to nick. see also, tief
Man, you's such a chef! how dare you!

i swear, dat chef nicked all ma browns! what is i gonna smoke now...
by CJC Corn November 24, 2004

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