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The Intense fear of Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson, due to his goulish voice, and serial killer appearance. Qften causes lack of sleep.
(man)> I just watched "Anger Management", now nightmares make me restless, and i wake up screaming in a cold sweat.
(man)>whats wrong with me doc?
(Doctor)> Im quite sure you suffer from Jacknicholsophobia. Im going to prescribe you some lunesta, but the best cure is to just shoot yourself because he will always haunt your dreams.
by CHoulBAMF08 August 13, 2007
To wait in one spot while resembling a large gorilla/trill Black Man who roams the streets. Usualy looks menacing, and can also be very iritating.
That negro man is Camping like an Ape outside that gas station; Its making me nervous.
by CHoulBAMF08 August 13, 2007

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