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A sex act between three or more males and a female. It can only be performed properly behind a Tim Hortons.

The woman sits in an empty kiddie pool dressed as a lumberjack and the men surround and pour maple syrup over her while removing her clothing using only hockey sticks.

After the woman is nude, the men position themselves such that no less than two penises are in her anus, which is lubricated with maple syrup. The third man forces Canadian bacon down her throat. Any additional men would take turns with the anal sex.

After several sticky minutes of butt loving and "bacon" then men circle the pool and urinate while being fellated.

When the men each about to ejaculate, they take turns dumping their loads in her syrupy anus and then make a line to suck the sweet shit-cum out and pass it to each other mouth to mouth all the way down the line and then to the woman, who gargles it to the tune of the Canadian national anthem then swallows.

If a moose is available it is also fellated by the woman.
Canada's History is a part of a typical day in Quebec.
by CHansen February 04, 2010

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