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A type of body language consisting of head-tilting and eyes-bulging while mouthing "joo-gu-lae!?" (trans: "Do you want to die!?") Originated from the popular Korean movie "My Sassy Girl."
Dude, my gf just pulled a my sassy girl trick on me! There was NO way I could get out of the situation!
by CHYK May 06, 2006
term referring to the refusal of recognizing one's responsibility to communicate when it is crucial to do so
She was unwilling to speak, leaving me the burdening weight of silence.
by CHYK January 29, 2005
Incoherent wisdom from Camie that can be used in daily speech or as punch lines.
I used one of late night camisms in my improv act last night.
by CHYK January 29, 2005

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