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A school in Livonia, Michigan, that is populated by the "gangstaz", the weirdoes, the MSC kids, the emo fags, the average fags, and the pirates. Most dumbasses like to pretend the MSC kids are nerds and look funny, when, in actuality, the MSC kids are out blowing up other peoples' cars and getting laid left and right. Currently, Churchill is taken over by pirates. These pirates live in a euphoric state and are generally not very agressive. However, "the Crew" is said to be brutal in fights. Picking a fight with a crewmember is a death wish because most fights attract about sixty armed pirates ready to fight alongside their crewmates. This crew is lead by a psychopathic, yet unbelievably sexy pirate Captain named Jack. Quarrelling with this pirate is unthinkable.
"Hey dude, I went to Churchill High School and picked a fight with some kid."

"How'd it go?"

"It turns out he's a pirate..."

"Is that why you're packing your bags?"

"Yeah - could you help me find my passport?"
by CHSassKicker August 29, 2006

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