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The sound that "Hansen" the butler in Scary movie 2 makes when describing his turkey making methods.
"then i just stick em on like this..*humps turkey* HIAWATHA!"
by chris artis November 25, 2006
a verbal agreement made by a floridian, which is usually not kept.
jon made a florida promise, and did not show up.
by chris artis September 13, 2007
As a prefix to an adjective, it is used to describe something in extreme excess. Derived from the character of
Madmartigan from the movie "Willow".

Brokeback Mountain is Madmarti-Gay

Motorcycles are Madmarti-fast

Fonzie is madmarti-cool
by CHRIS ARTIS November 27, 2006
The event that occurs when a massive amount of shit and pressure are released in a violent fury from your anus. in what as otherwise known as a massive dump.
I had a Rocky Balblowout after eating mexican food last night
by CHRIS ARTIS November 25, 2006
1. a phrase used to describe any act where something is done to a person behind their back or unknowingly.

2. something done to someone without their authority or appoval.

3. basically sticking to someone without them knowing it
- hey dion left his computer logged on
lets post a queer message under his name
- he got rocked in the buttcheeks
by CHRIS ARTIS November 25, 2006
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