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A person who uses UrbanDictionary.com words in everyday life.
Person 1-WOW! what a douchebaguette! I was using my neighbor's neighbornet and he ended up stealing my life password.

Person 2-Dude stop your manufactured outrage it's getting old. And don't worry i left him a farting gift last time we went over there for his party.

Person 3-WOW dudes, you are total Urbandicks...I think you need to stay off there for a while.
by CHF924 May 30, 2009
When someone posts something that reads as if it should go to someone specific, but in fact is posted as someone's status
"Lauren God he is such an asshole"

Lauren's friends "God Lauren is facebitching again, wonder who she's talking about."


Rod-"Rod Bighorn says forget you"

Rod's GF "OMG did I do something wrong??"
Rod's BFF "OMG is he mad at me??? I can't tell since he's facebitching"
by CHF924 April 29, 2009

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