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2 definitions by CHAYJAY

When a man ejaculates between your butt cheeks and slaps them together like a wind up monkey playing the cymbals.
And she wouldn't let me cum inside her, so I flipped her over and gave her some sloppy buns.
by chayjay December 07, 2013
a phrase used to show compassion for someone's misfortune and/or express feelings towards your own misfortune whilst still maintaining a positive attitude.
similar meaning to the phrase "man down" used in a comical context.

(also the only coherent line from Snow's "Informer" an extremely popular track amongst peoples of the stoner persuasion.)
"dude, my friends friend just died..." other guy "a licky boom boom down"

"my girlfriend just dumped me... licky boom boom down"
*bows head in shame*
by CHAYJAY November 17, 2011