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A small, beautiful town in Bergen County, New Jersey. Where the kids are nice, hott & do exceptionally well in sports. most sports. Known as "The Bubble" to the locals. When graduates go to college, they long the await to return to the rock. Everyone knows everyone's business, no doubt about it. You can walk through town and name 98% of the people you see, wheather it be just first or last names, you know them some way or another. John's OWNS Aldo's: Fact of life. You call Ridgewood kids Pansies, because that's what they are.

All the kids from surrounding areas wish to be them.

cough ridgewood kids
Ridgewoodkid: Whoa man! Did you see that girl? I think she's from Glen Rock!
Friend of Kid: Whoa nelly! Yeah, she's too hott to be from Ridgewood, she must be from Glen Rock.
Ridgewoodkid: Should i ask for her number?
Friend of kid: She'll turn you down man! You're scum to her!
by CGYO December 12, 2005

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