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The most amazing girl in the world. Beautiful blond hair, so soft and flawless. Beautiful Brown eyes with a hint of curiosity. A girl with such a beautiful smile, can't help but smile back. The most passionate kisser, it will make you fall for her with just one kiss. A girl with such a playful and adventurous personality, but just serious enough to love and cherish. A girl that can only show you the best of time in your whole entire life. Just can't resist but go back for more. Such a gorgeous girl, its like loving an angel. Nothing in the world could ever compare to the love she can give, nobody can touch or break it. A girl so delicate, a girl so beautiful inside. A girl with such a personality could never be compared, always on top and never giving up. A girl thats been threw hardships and tough times, but still so emotionally strong.
Yahna were the perfect two(:
by CFlanch March 30, 2011
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