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When a set of tits on a women hang so low and flat. That they will resemble the lobe of a human ear. Teacher Mrs. ChokesonDick in South Park TV show is the icon of Titty Lobes.
Check out the titty-lobes hangen out that bottom of her shirt!
by CD nuts October 07, 2005
In moment one of those painful shits, your thinking I'm Dieing and your butt hole feels like Hot Acid passing thru. In extreme cases you may feel yourself peeling the porcelain off the walls of the toilet.
(Living the Moment)"Lord from the heavens above, please give me strenght to pass this AssAcid.

Hot Mexican Food gives me AssAcid!
by CD nuts October 07, 2005
A person that will be considered a complete douche bag, walks the earth without a clue about anything. Never gets a head in life and never will. Just a notch above Retarded and always screwing things up no matter how many times it is explained.
Mike Loader is such a Butt-Pump...

Listen what this Butt-Pump did now...

That Butt-Pump did it again! I can't believe it!
by CD nuts October 07, 2005
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