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A really good deal. As in "you can't beat it"
just like a sore dick.
"Man, these dubs I just bought are a sore dick."
by CCK March 25, 2005
to feel like shit after a night of drinking and to look even worse. Syn: shit run over twice.
Dude how much did you drink last night, you look like a can of crushed assholes.
by CCK March 08, 2005
A stupid mod on chat avenue whose life is so pathetic she spends her free time annoying people online.
Guy 1: Dude.. Lumza is here again?

Guy 2: No, she's STILL here...

Guy 1: Thats sad. She needs to get laid.
by CCK March 03, 2005
Anyone who is too stupid or ugly to function in society, so they spend all their free time online.
Dude.. you are such a Lumza!
by CCK March 03, 2005
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