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1. A state of mind only achieved after taking excessive amounts of ecstasy
2. A state of elated bliss
3. A desire to immediately hug all of those around you
We reached Alcus last night.
Let's get to Alcus as soon as possible!
The concert was amazing, everyone was living in Alcus.
by CCDBEMSA December 20, 2010
An ancient Spanish verb describing the sexual act "to pomp".
Pompen, conjugated as follows:
I pompeo
You pomp
He/She pomps
They pompen
We pompeogrande
We pompen (correctly conjugated is pompeogrande'd) all night long
I pompen (correctly conjugated is pompeo) most mornings before coffee
She pompen (correctly conjugated is pomps) me
by CCDBEMSA December 20, 2010

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