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An expression of pleasure or satisfaction that something has gone extremely well.

In times of over the top joy, Jay Fucking Bilas may be used to denote the level of awesomeness that has been attained.

Jay Bilas is one of the few sports analysts who knows his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to basketball. This is the exact opposite of Digger Phelps

May also be abbreviated as JFB for texting
Dude, I just scored us tickets this weekend for My Morning Jacket!
Jay Bilas bro!!

Text from bro: Louisville just won the National Championship!
Reply: JFB!!

Wife: Well honey, looks like that pregnancy test came up negative. We're off the hook.
Jay Fucking Bilas!!!
by CCBM ryoder April 17, 2013
An expression of displeasure or annoyance that something has gone horribly. This is based on the idea that Digger Phelps not only is a complete tool of a man, but when it comes to basketball, couldn't analyze his way out of a damp sheep.

The word 'Digger' is completely interchangeable with the word 'Fuck'. In times of over the top levels of failure, Digger Fucking Phelps may be used, abbreviated as DFP for texting.

This is the exact opposite of Jay Bilas
Guess what honey, you get to take me and my girlfriends shopping at the outlet stores this weekend!!!
<muttered> Digger!

Dad, I'm really sorry I got chocolate on your Peyton Manning jersey. It's OK though, cause it doesn't fit anymore...right?
Digger Phelps!

Dude, remember that time we had all the guys from the team over for that party and your mom was home? Yeah, we all banged her.
<shouted> Digger Fucking Phelps!
by CCBM ryoder April 16, 2013

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