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An adjective, adverb, verb, or noun referencing an object that is somehow not how it is supposed to be. Can be used in place of such words as "broken", "damaged", "crooked", "fucked up", "wobbly", "messed up" etc. When used as a verb, jollywonkered is past tense; future tense is the same as the noun form, simply "jollywonker". "Jollywonkering" is also sometimes used as the present-tense verb form...synonymous with "messing around", "playing", "breaking", "ruining" etc.
1(Adjective): The earthquake shook the building so hard that everything inside is jollywonkered.

2(Adverb): Wow, that guy is missing his left leg and he is walking all jollywonkered like.

3(Verb, Past-tense): I don't know how you jollywonkered that Kama Sutra position up enough to dislocate your shoulder last night.

4(Noun): Only a jollywonker like you would confuse the Cleveland Steamer and the Dirty Sanchez!

5(Verb, Present-tense): Stop jollywonkering around with that thing in public.
by CC23 February 02, 2009

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