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Well known Fictional Drug Dealer and slippery Bastard from the town of Swinford in Ireland, Aparently moves "ounces of Hash from Sligo to Galway 24/7" he enjoys "keeping it real" and making "Savage Dance tunes" he is known to have a crew of accomplices including "The Dragon" and "Stateside"

He is often seen "Cruisin' round te' town doing Laps" while playing the same Dance song over and over (The Launch by DJ Jean)

Wears Trademark Cobra T-Shirt and Shades
Very Popular character in the Irish Comedy "Hardy Bucks"
"the viper, he's only about two hand higher then a duck. He's only a Wanker like"

"the Viper is snakey bastard...he's almost Reptilian in his movements"
#comedy #castlebar #ireland #television #rte
by CC (IRL) August 13, 2009
large town in the west of Ireland, famous for its on/off rivalry with neighbouring smaller town Westport.Often simply refered to as "shit-hole" by its younger residents.Castlebar has much to offer visitors including never ending rain and fog, Buckfast and dutch gold partys,and a healthy dose of random violence.On a side note Castlebar has some bizzare simularitys with the fictional town of Silent Hill in that if you go into it you dont come out.
"some people say that the only good thing about castlebar is the road out of it.....well yea kinda have to use that road to get back in"
#castlebar #ireland #town #scumbag #rocker #alcohol
by CC (IRL) May 06, 2009
A term to describe an act of intensionally enraging a group of people on an internet chat room or forum board. It's often used as a parody of Die Hard an action film from 1988, although instead of the protagonist climbing a tower full of armed terrorists he is climbing a tower of shit puns and all caps all in bold italics and font size 26, all while spouting memes and ridiculous opinions on a plethora of things.
Trolling hard on the Dues Ex fan forum:

User: Lol Halo invented the FPS, Dues ex looks like shit, and is old.


Troll hard on the Bungie forum:

User: Halo is shit lol MW2 is teh best fps evar, nd joo all know it.
#die hard #trolls #rage #forums #chatrooms
by CC (IRL) October 12, 2010
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