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The Hungarian Mudslide is a sexual act involving 2 ladies and 1 very lucky man. The man begins by receiving fellatio from the woman with less volatile bowels while he stands in a mostly to completely upright position. At that point the second woman, who has previously ingested a diarrhea inducing laxative, projectile diarrheas all over the man's chest. The pop should run down the man's chest, and if done properly will drench his testes at the precise moment that the man climaxes in the first woman's throat. The combination semen and diarrhea taste is reminiscent of the alcoholic beverage called the mudslide, except instead of irish cream it's genuine man cream, and instead of kahlua it's diarrhea.
Colin: "Hey man what happened with those chicks you took home last night?"
Hoopman: "Well, it started like any other after party. We did lines of coke off each others butt cracks, then after 3 or 4 rails, and the threat of physical harm, I got the slores to give me a Hungarian Mudslide."
by CBalls April 02, 2006
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