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1st Special Detachment Delta, or Delta Force, is a secret Counter Terrorism Branch of the US Army. They specialize in Hostage Situations, Recon Missions, and Counter Terrorism.
But failed miserably the day before the Iranian EMbassy seige in the UK which the SAS dealt with superbly. Sadly Delta failed to secure the hostages' and many died. Now they train with the SAS as much as possible to hone their skills to a similar standard as that of the SAS.
Oh that guy was in delta.
I wish i had been
Well im the regiment (the SAS)
by CAMOKING March 18, 2005
Disruptive Patterned Material
DPM : british three colour camouflage pattern. Britain's camouflage is 100x superior to anyone else's.
Yank ranger 1:WOW dude check out those brits man their camo rocks the world!
Yank ranger 2: Yeah man i wish i was british cos' then i'd be cool.
by CAMOKING March 18, 2005
Special BOat Service
One of the royal marines two special forces units, the other being the Mountain leaders cadre.
Specialise in marine insertion and waterbound counter terrorist duties. By far the best special forces in their field. By far outranking the U.S Navy seals. All SBS are men as no women are allowed in frontline combat units in the british forces.
The SBS the best in their field of operations.
by CAMOKING March 18, 2005
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