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The phrase typically said when your about to get fucked. Usually said when your about to get in a sticky situation. Sometimes said when you make a mess that you know youll have to clean up.
Nick: Dude, you just sat in a big pool of chocolate milk.
Nick: Nice one
by CAHACKLELACKLE6 May 08, 2011
When someone is focusing on something else while youre telling a story and they realize youre talking, in the middle of your story they say " wait what were you saying? sorry i wasnt listening" pretty much sending the message that theyre not interested in what you have to say or theyre busy and they dont have time to talk.
Daniel: man today my teacher was talking about his mom, and then missy was like 'what about your dog?' and he was like well his name is..
Nicki: Im sorry what? i wasnt listening
Daniel: Damn, you just conversation incremulated me!
Nicki: Sorry
by CAHACKLELACKLE6 March 31, 2011
when a girl shoves her vagina in your face and plows you over
Sam: this chick just v-plowed her meat at my face and i got a concussion
Trevirson: Damn, howd that vag feel
sam: Warm and moist
by CAHACKLELACKLE6 April 01, 2011

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